Homeownership is an amazing tool for building wealth, especially for Black households. Unfortunately, policies, such as redlining, interfered with wealth-building through homeownership and has stunted Blacks from climbing the economic ladder, saving, and transferring wealth to the next generation.

Black homeowners were taken advantage of through predatory lending and high-risk interest rates
  • Green zones were the best of the best and considered very exclusive.
  • Blue zones were considered to be “still desirable.”
  • Yellow zones were equated to “definitely declining” and determined to be medium-risk.
  • Red zones indicated high-risk investments and hazardous. To…

Thanks, but where’s the check? Meet Negro League baseball legend, W. James Cobbin, for his reaction.

W. James Cobbin played for the New York Black Yankees from 1956 to 1958.

Isabel Wilkerson’s book, Caste, offers excellent commentary on the engine behind America’s cruel method of assigning and categorizing human value

Becoming a Cheerleader for Change

From left back row, Annemarie Brown, Andrea Courtney and Marissa Evans and, from left front row, Sasha Brietzke, Vassiki Chauhan and Kristina Rapuano pose in New York Nov. 14, 2018. The women filed a lawsuit against Dartmouth College for allegedly allowing three professors to create a culture in their department that encouraged drunken parties and subjected female graduate students to harassment, groping and sexual assault.

Kenadie Cobbin Richardson

Community Organizer, Communications/Media Specialist, Radio Personality. #cheerleaderforchange

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